We are trying to collect information to track Enhanced Conversions (Google Ads) on purchases for Walk-on’s online orders.
The pieces of information we need to set this up are name, email address and phone number. At the current moment, we can see that we are storing some user data in begin_checkout, but only pushing these values to the ecommerce data (order value, etc.) on purchase.
Would it be possible for you to add in these data fields (first name, last name, email address, and phone number) in the dataLayer to this “content-view” or “purchase” event? Like the input event here (see line 21 below):
If this information is stored within a global JS variable, let us know the name and we’ll be able to write some custom code to pull in this information.
In addition, can you please ensure that the name and phone number below are separated out, and that the phone number comes through without any special characters?
For example, the phone number below comes through as (713) 555-5555, but Google would want to see this as 7135555555. Is it possible to have this modified as well?