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Our new loyalty feature gives restaurant owners the ability to turn on or off loyalty functionality for each service type (catering, pick up, delivery, etc). This provides more freedom and control over the loyalty accrual, making it easy to adapt to different scenarios and demands.
This provides your brand with:
  • More control over your loyalty program with on/off feature
  • Flexibility to adapt to different scenarios
  • No new loyalty points while feature is off
  • Tailor loyalty rewards to business needs
This holiday season, don't miss out on the opportunity to boost your brand's revenue and customer loyalty with our upgraded Gift Card features!
Our Gift Cards not only offer the gift of food to your guests, but they also provide a hassle-free way to increase sales and customer engagement. Take advantage of our following features:
  • Convenient gift card gifting with online and in-store redemption options
  • Add a personal message to your gift to show your appreciation
  • Preload cards that can be easily reloaded for future purchases, making them a versatile option for any occasion
  • Store all your gift cards in Lunchbox's digital gift card wallet for ultimate convenience
Don't settle for a subpar gift card experience - upgrade to our advanced Gift Card features to take your brand to the next level today!
Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 6
Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 6
We are now offering another way to present your modifiers in your menu beyond a list view. A Grid View allows you to “group view" items, showcasing three items across the screen.
This view makes it easy for users to see all of the available modifiers of a menu item at once without having to scroll through a list. Thus making ordering a menu item more efficient and user friendly.
What is Deep Linking?
  • Deep Linking allows your brand to create a customized URL within your online ordering site
  • Restaurants can create a URL that allows for their guests to have an Item or a Discount automatically added the their order.
Why is this cool?
  • It improves the guest experience by reducing the amount of steps needed to add items and discounts to their cart
  • This is perfect for highly targeted marketing campaigns because it helps to increase conversion
How can I use Deep Linking?
  • Marketing Campaigns, Promotions, Special Offers:
    Highlighting a specific menu item? By using deep linking in your campaign the item can be directly added to the guest’s cart instantly
Do you offer charitable donations or gift cards/certificates as a menu item?
Lunchbox supports our restaurant partners using Toast to flag items in their online ordering experience as a “Donation.”
This allows revenue from donations or gift cards to be recognized as revenue excluded from the net sale of the guest’s order.
This is extremely helpful for accounting and reporting purposes.
Screen Shot 2023-11-09 at 4
Lunchbox allows you the ability to add or remove loyalty points/credits from a guest's profile.
This is huge when it comes to reconciliation -
  • Did a guest forget to scan their loyalty? Easily Adjust it!
  • A reward is given to a guest without it being inputted to the POS? Adjust it manually!
  • A guest complains about satisfaction? Up their loyalty to thank them for being a customer!
Any time an issue may arise pertaining to a guest's loyalty points use this manual feature to add or remove credits from a guest.
Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 2
Our New Admin provides a “Logs” section encapsulating recent events, alert contacts, and global alerts,
it also provides POS Error Logs showcasing the following for POS Errors:
  • API headers
  • API requests
  • API response
This is cool because every time a guest encounters an issue:
  • Your employees with Corporate Manager, Store Manager, or Admin user access will be able to see the logs of exactly what occurred at a per location basis without engineering intervention
  • The POS Error Details page will present every POS Error per an order
Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 4
Happy Halloween restaurant partners! The Lunchbox Marketing suite has multiple features to leverage to drive sales throughout the holiday season.
These include:
  • Email Broadcasts
    : send direct updates to all or specific segments of your customers about seasonal specials/menus (you can also link out to your online ordering platforms to increase orders)
  • Content Hub/Marketing Carousel
    : Use the marketing space within your app to spotlight seasonal and special items
  • Push Notifications
    : Let your customers know that you have special items on holidays (pro tip: emojis help increase open rates on push notifications!)
  • Featured Menu Items
    : Showcase any holiday/season specials at the top of your menu (pro tip: let guests know these menu items are for a limited time only)
To get a full list of food holidays and events rounding out 2023, read our article: 2023 Guide to Food Holidays.
Scan to Pay allows guests to pay for their in-store order with a quick scan of a QR code in your app.
When the QR code is scanned, the credit card associated with the guest's account will be used for payment on their order.
This feature improves your guest's experience by offering:
  • Contactless payments
  • Faster transactions
  • And an overall enhanced experience
Integrated with Flybuy or interested in deepening your Curbside experience? Lunchbox integrates with Flybuy Curbside to allow you to do so.
Once you sign up for Flybuy Pickup, Lunchbox is able to connect to your Flybuy project to provide a deeper Curbside experience for both you and your guest through location tracking and push notifications in your app.
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