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We are now offering another way to present your modifiers in your menu beyond a list view. A Grid View allows you to “group view" items, showcasing three items across the screen.
This view makes it easy for users to see all of the available modifiers of a menu item at once without having to scroll through a list. Thus making ordering a menu item more efficient and user friendly.
What is Deep Linking?
Why is this cool?
How can I use Deep Linking?
Do you offer charitable donations or gift cards/certificates as a menu item?
Lunchbox supports our restaurant partners using Toast to flag items in their online ordering experience as a “Donation.”
This allows revenue from donations or gift cards to be recognized as revenue excluded from the net sale of the guest’s order.
This is extremely helpful for accounting and reporting purposes.
Lunchbox allows you the ability to add or remove loyalty points/credits from a guest's profile.
This is huge when it comes to reconciliation - Any time an issue may arise pertaining to a guest's loyalty points use this manual feature to add or remove credits from a guest.
Our New Admin provides a “Logs” section encapsulating recent events, alert contacts, and global alerts,
it also provides POS Error Logs showcasing the following for POS Errors:
This is cool because every time a guest encounters an issue:
Happy Halloween restaurant partners! The Lunchbox Marketing suite has multiple features to leverage to drive sales throughout the holiday season.
These include:
To get a full list of food holidays and events rounding out 2023, read our article: 2023 Guide to Food Holidays.
Scan to Pay allows guests to pay for their in-store order with a quick scan of a QR code in your app.
When the QR code is scanned, the credit card associated with the guest's account will be used for payment on their order.
This feature improves your guest's experience by offering:
Integrated with Flybuy or interested in deepening your Curbside experience? Lunchbox integrates with Flybuy Curbside to allow you to do so.
Once you sign up for Flybuy Pickup, Lunchbox is able to connect to your Flybuy project to provide a deeper Curbside experience for both you and your guest through location tracking and push notifications in your app.
Using Toast as your POS? Does it take too long for your staff to add the guest's loyalty profile to their check? Leverage Lunchbox’s Scan for Loyalty to benefit both your brands and your guests!
Scan for Loyalty streamlines the guest and staff experience for your loyalty program, which helps with:
Lunchbox's 1st Party vs 3rd Party Reports provide a quick snapshot of your sales across both channels.
You can view the following for any timeframe you specify:Use this data to identify sales trends across 1st party and 3rd party orders to inform decisions about marketing / promotions, menu optimization, pricing strategies, and more!
It's important to understand the sales and orders coming from all of your revenues, and Lunchbox’s data helps you do this!
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