Catering 2.1 is here
Catering 2.1
  • Same ordering site
  • Lunchbox look and feel
  • Clear location/order type/order ready time
  • Link to socials
  • Search Items
  • Logo load image
  • Easy to read/clickable modifiers
  • Order level upsells
Screen Shot 2023-01-27 at 11
Screen Shot 2023-01-27 at 11
What's in the queue??
At Lunchbox we're proud of the work our teams are churning out! Let us tell you about some features that aren't ready
yet but we're already excited about.
Close to the Finish Line:
  • Birthday Rewards
  • Fullstory on Android
  • Place order --> Pay In Store
Current High Priority Work:
  • Google Food Ordering
  • Native App Hub
  • Square POS Integration
  • Square Loyalty
  • Symphony POS
  • Weather Based Menu
  • New Admin Dashboard
  • Group Ordering
What are we Currently Designing?
  • Email Templates
  • Post Checkout Screen
  • E-card Integration
We're excited to share more once these features are complete!
Shipping Update
We said we were shipping every day, and we meant it!
New Releases:
  • 2.1 Catering for web
  • Fullstory for Web
  • In web marketing slots
  • "Show me what's popular" for web
  • "Surprise Me" menu option on web
  • Paytronix push notifications
  • Loyalty sign up bonus
"Surprise Me" Menu
Catering 2.1
Admin Dashboard Progress
Our engineering team is putting in the work to give our clients a top tier Admin experience.
Intuitive + data driven + simple + beautiful = Lunchbox 2.1 Admin
Lunchbox 2.0 vs. 2.1
2.1: February frontend web update:
Lunchbox is built by restaurant people for restaurant people. How do we accomplish this? By shipping every day, removing roadblocks, providing clients with features they both need and didn’t even know they wanted.
These actions lead us to the heart of who Lunchbox is:
  • We help restaurants grow
  • We move fast and break rules
  • We deliver intuitive and beautiful products
  • We are industry disruptors
But 2.1 is just the start - we will be iterating each and every day to 2.2 and beyond.
How has the process improved?
  1. We’ve integrated directly with Novadine. Meaning we can build faster, load faster, and incorporate innovative UI that was not previously accessible.
  2. We strive for constant production, not perfection. We can iterate to perfection but will not let it show-stop us building and shipping.
  3. A leaner go-to-market strategy. Less tickets, lengthy documents, and red tape. More building.
What’re some 2.1 features?
Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 3
And more to come! Follow the Lunchbox Changelog to stay up to date with all we are working on.
You Matter so your Dashboard Matters
You and your employees deserve just as much of a beautiful experience as your guests do. 2.1's new, sleek, and data driven Dashboard coming soon.
Keep Your Guest's in the Know
Your guest's are loyal and notice changes. Send them custom messages, like an update that you're switching your online ordering system to 2.1!
Group Ordering on the Horizon
The only experience better than guests ordering from your restaurant? Sharing the experience with others.
Promotions Here, Get Your Promotions Here
Your online ordering site is a prime location to promote what's important to your business. 2.1 allows you to advertise to your guests without interrupting their ordering flow.
What would you promote?
  • Merch?
  • A local farm?
  • A charity associated with your restaurant?
  • Your app?
Let us know!
Always Designing
New day = new designs here at Lunchbox!
A Post Checkout screen made by restaurant people, for restaurant people.
What's your dream post checkout screen? Our's includes:
  • Order summary
  • Location map
  • Order tracker
  • The impact of a first party order
  • Links to your socials
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