60% of operators surveyed by QSR Web told us that business catering is a big opportunity.
  • "Some 78% of them [corporate catering customers] order at least once a month and 32% at least once a week, with an average order size of $350 for 25 people."
We designed our Catering product with enterprise in mind. Be able to fuel and control your corporate catering business.
Lunchbox Catering Provides:
  • Dedicated support team
  • Full integration with your website
  • Instant menu updates on your website
  • Loyalty programs
  • Catering reporting
  • House accounts
  • Prep sheets
  • Edit Orders
  • Order in advance
  • Save as quote
  • Repeat orders
  • Holiday Hours
  • Transfer orders
...and more if you can believe it!
What are your catering aspirations? Lets make it happen.